Set up a fence

Learn how to set up a fence.

To start a ground mount project, we usually start by creating a fence around our project.

  1. Locate the fence option by opening "Cable & Civil" in the string mapping section.
  2. This opens a new ribbon. Select "Fence" in the civil works section to open its options.

 How to set up a fence

Option 1 : draw the fence manually

  • In civil works select the fence option
  • You will need to select the starting point and then click through the model space to keep adding points until the desired shape has been reached.
  • By pressing enter the first and last created point will connect and finalize the fence.
  • You also have some different options in creating your fence, for example Arcs. These will appear on the command line.

Option 2: convert a polyline into a fence

  • Select the convert to fence option.
  • Select a polyline which you want to convert into a fence.

After setting up the fence for your project, you can also change the line type or color.

  • Navigate to the home ribbon of AutoCAD and select layer properties in the layers section.
  • This will open a pop-up where you can change the type, weight, and color of the fence.
  • To change the linetype you must select the linetype of the civil fence layer. This will open another popup window.

  • Here you can choose one of the existing linetypes or load a new one.

  • Press load and select the preferred linetype and press ok to load it into the project.

  • Now you can again select the chosen linetype and press ok to adjust your changes.